Solid wood

Solid wood - a good decision.

Solid wood is a genuinely natural product and each area demonstrates a unique structure and color. Delicate branches, cracks, intergrown areas and overlaps demonstrate the material's authenticity. Each section of solid wood is a unique, natural product dominated by the location of the tree as well as weather and ground conditions. Solid wood feels good – spreading a healthy living atmosphere with a pleasant scent and a nice feel. Solid wood furniture creates an ideal living atmosphere. The material has antibacterial properties and prevents electrostatic dust charges. Solid wood helps fight allergies, is unpolluted and natural. We exclusively procure our timber raw materials from sustainably run forestry businesses. Our solid wood furniture creates an ideal living atmosphere. The material helps fight allergies, is unpolluted and natural.

Environmental influence: dry air – unfavorable for humans and furniture.

Very dry ambient air creates stress for yourselves and your solid wood furniture. Medical and scientific experts recommend a relative humidity between 45% and 55% in domestic areas with central heating. In these conditions, the corresponding level of humidity within the wood amounts to between 8% and 11%. Keep the humidity within this range to prevent the wood from warping.

The special design of our furniture allows it to compensate for fluctuations in humidity and any associated warping or deformation. Extreme deviations will only cause warping and cracks after an exposure over a prolonged period. The risk of the relative humidity falling below certain limits is particularly high in winter due to the use of heating. However, you can counteract by watering potted plants or by allowing water to evaporate from dedicated containers. Take care in new buildings: in many cases, the walls of new buildings are often very humid directly after having been erected. We recommend positioning furniture at a minimum distance of 10 mm from walls and airing the property more frequently to prevent any humidity from developing behind items of furniture. This will prevent furniture from warping.

Exposure to light: light changes wood

Exposure to light and ageing influences the color of wood. In particular sunlight will trigger changes over the course of the years. In this process, each type of wood reacts differently.

We recommend you protect your furniture from severe, direct sunlight. As a result, colours will remain as they were for longer. However, aged wood, with its matured color, can also be very appealing.