Wood finishing.

Wood finishing can be defined as a complex technology to improve the appearance and surface quality of the superficial coating techniques. Changes and look generally refer to: color, roughness and gloss, but can include other special aesthetic effects. Wood Finishing provide while improving appearance and increased resistance to surface wear and physical and chemical factors action. Special products can give wood finishing and increased resistance to biodegradation and fire. Finishing technologies comprise several successive operations, which are contained in the preparation phase which is principled support (substrate) by operating mechanical, physical and chemical; In each of these phases and operations included using technology specific finishing materials. Abrasives - polishing, mechanical cleaning. Fading solutions. Materials chemical and physical cleaning of surfaces (removing stains). Materials transparent surfaces for coloring (dyes, dye solutions, dye primers) For wood finishing are used: Natural products like oils (linseed oil) and animal fats. Film-based synthetic resin products.